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Are all Accountants equal? What about Bitcoin?


Are all Accountants the same? What happens when cryptocurrency is thrown in the mix?

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Securing Your Coins and Tokens


Unscrupulous individuals take advantage of the rising popularity of cryptocurrency via scams in order to steal and make quick money. Learn some best practices to stay safe.

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Cryptocurrency and the Personal Asset Use Exemption


Busting the $10,000 Personal Asset Exemption myth

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EOFY Crypto Tax Preparation


Handy hints for your Crypto Tax Preparation at the EOFY

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ATO Warning: Crypto Currency Scammers


ATO Issues Crypto Scam Warning to Taxpayers

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G20 Summit Update


Financial Stability Board Resisting Regulation

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Cryptocurrency Mining


Are you making the most from your mining activities?

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The ATO & Crypto


More on what the ATO is doing regarding taxing cryptocurrency

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What is AUSTRAC?


A brief look at what AUSTRAC is and how it affects you.

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Cryptocurrency: The new "quid" on the block


A guide to taxation of cryptocurrencies in Australia

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